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Winchester Precision Tech, LTD. - About us
At Winchester Precision Tech, LTD, we design, manufacture and repair all types of industrial rolls for the plastic film and sheet, paper, textile and converting industries. Our expertise in roll applications allows us to competitively serve a worldwide market including many of the finest OEM companies in Europe and Asia, as well as in the United States.

Winchester Precision Technologies offers a very competitive wage scale, excellent medical and dental benefits, retirement plan with company contributions, paid holidays and vacations. Individuals that apply should have experience in some of the following including lathe turning, milling, bore mills, fabrication and welding. Winchester Precision Technologies specializes in large machining spanning many industries including Paper, Plastic, Power generation, ship building, chemical process, defense and agriculture providing the employee with a challenging and wide-ranging work environment.

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ASME Pressure Vessels
Winchester Precision Technologies custom designs and manufactures ASME Section VIII, Div 1 unfired pressure vessels for optimal thermal performance, efficiency and structural integrity. Our ASME pressure vessels undergo a comprehensive quality control inspection prior to shipment to ensure our customers a product of superior quality, durability, throughput and increased machine uptime.

Metal Fabrication
Winchester Precision Technologies has a solid reputation for metal fabrication and can fabricate parts from all types of material including steel, stainless steel, and high-nickel alloys. We specialize in high-quality, large, complex machined fabrications with a specialty in large turning/milling and fabrication. Due to our expertise and experience in machining finished parts of all sizes and complexities we thoroughly understand what is required in a fabrication to allow it to meet the final design specifications which is becoming a lost art in manufacturing today.

Calender Rolls
For years, Winchester Precision Technologies has been a leading provider of calendar roll grinding, inspection and repair for customers across the country. For every customer, our goal is satisfaction. So no matter how simple or complex the project you get the calendar roll services you need to ensure longevity, performance, and reliability from your calendar rolls.

Felt Rolls
As a vital part of your paper machine, your felt rolls cannot be ignored. They endure some of the most rigorous operating conditions, and – as expected – are subject to intense wear over time. That is where Winchester Precision Technologies comes in.

Heating and Cooling
With fast-paced and demanding production requirements that call for faster line speed, minimal thermal variation (ΔT), higher temperatures and operating pressures for heat transfer rolls, engineering the right one is critical. That’s where Winchester Precision Technologies comes in. Armed with your detailed specifications and years of experience, Winchester Precision Technologies can design, engineer, and manufacture complete heating and/or cooling rolls to suit your specific needs.

Metal Roll, Industrial Roller, Steel Rolls, Aluminum, Automatic, Barrel, Turning, Copper RollsLarge Diameter Metal Turning
For over 20 years, Winchester Precision Technologies has specialized in the fabrication of large metal rolls and rollers, custom designed and engineered to provide efficient motion and high rates of production. Our large diameter metal turning and large machining capabilities include precision roller products for use in specialized applications; plastic film and sheet, paper, textile and converting industries. Winchester Precision Technologies leverages our extensive large diameter metal turning experience to provide our customers with innovative machining solutions to the deflection challenges of a long roll metal part production.

Large Machining
At Winchester Precision Technologies we are your premier provider for all of your large machining needs especially your most difficult to machine large-part jobs. We are uniquely equipped to meet the exact specifications of your large machining manufacturing needs due to our decades of industry experience.

Large Milling
Winchester Precision Technologies is among the leading large milling providers. In our top quality machine shop we are equipped to meet all of your unique large milling needs using our state-of-the art large milling tools and machinery. We stand behind a hundred years of combined experience and industry expertise.

Machined Shafts
Winchester Precision Technologies is uniquely qualified to meet your machined shaft fabrication needs, no matter how complex- quickly and accurately in accordance with your exact specifications. Our machined shafts are expertly designed and machined to carry loads and transmit power to exacting tolerances.

Non Roll Repair Services
Winchester Precision Technologies is proud to offer our valued customers an expanded range of repair services including an extensive array of repairs and services for non-rolls. Our engineer and expert staff have over 100 years experience designing and manufacturing industrial rolls of superior quality and durability for the plastic film and sheet, paper, textile and converting industries.

Paper Carrying Rolls
Paper carrying rolls are one of the few components of your machine that actually touch the paper. Unlike felt or wire rolls, with paper carrying rolls it’s just the paper and the roll. With that in mind, and with nothing between your roll and your product, you need to make sure that your paper carrying rolls are performing at their peak, enabling your machine to quickly and reliably deliver the performance and results you need. At Winchester Precision Technologies, we can help.

Press Rolls
At Winchester Precision Technologies, when it comes to press nip rolls we’re equipped with both the expertise and the equipment that allow us to provide a solution for virtually every problem you present to us. From design, engineering, and manufacturing to service, repairs, and reverse engineering – we’re confident that we can help.

Press Room
Recent news about industrial roll technology and machinery.
  • Pressure Vessel Fabrication for Dark Matter Study
    Winchester Precision Technologies, a New Hampshire based manufacturer of industrial rolls, Pressure Vessels and and other Precision Machined metal products is nearing the completion of a major manufacturing project for the DEAP/Clean Collaboration and the Miniclean experiment taking place at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  • Winchester Precision Technologies Name Change
    Due to the addition of several large precision machine tools over the last 10 years the name Winchester Roll Products no longer accurately portrays our vast capabilities.
  • Un-Nipped Roll Cover Technology
    Winchester Precision Technologies, Licensee of Industrial Polymer Solutions, Inc., benefits from modern chemistry and passes along an improved line of roll covers to their customers.
  • Greater Capacity Large Machining
    In January 05' we commissioned our 220" Diameter x 118" tall Berthiez vertical boring mill. Machines of this type and capacity are a rare find.
Quality Assurance
At the core of everything we do at Winchester Precision Technologies is a commitment to quality that extends beyond any formal quality standard. As a general rule, we work to surpass industry standards and provide our customers with a level of quality that exceeds expectations.

Reel Spools
When you need reel spool rolls that you can count on to deliver high performance and longevity, Winchester Precision Technologies has a solution to suit your specific needs. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to provide reel spool rolls for customers with even the most complex requirements, so whether you need a brand new reel spool manufactured or reel spool service – Winchester Precision Technologies is the only resource you need.

Roll CoversMetal Roll, Industrial Roller, Steel Rolls, Aluminum, Automatic, Barrel, Turning, Copper Rolls
The skilled engineers at Winchester Precision Technologies have leveraged our extensive industry experience in selecting a range of specially formulated coatings to seamlessly match and enhance the performance of your roll products.

Roll Manufacturing
With years of experience in the roll manufacturing industry, Winchester Precision Technology has had the opportunity to provide customers from a variety of industries with the high quality rolls they need at a competitive price.

Roll Services
Winchester Precision Technologies has earned our commanding reputation for excellence through our commitment to quality, formidable production volume and ability to supply our valued customers with metal products of unsurpassed durability, performance and quality at competitive price.

Roll Turning and Engineering
Winchester Precision Technologies leverages over 100 years of engineering and industry experience to provide our valued customers with metal products of unsurpassed durability, performance and quality at competitive price.

Roll Turning and Manufacturing
Winchester Precision Technologies is uniquely prepared to meet all of your roll manufacturing requirements, no matter how complex the specifications. Winchester Precision Technologies designs and engineers all of its rolls based on hundreds of years of combined experience specializing in roll manufacturing.

Vacuum and Suction Rolls
When it comes to the paper and plastic industries, we understand that you require performance and reliability that you never have to second-guess. With that fact in mind, suction and vacuum rolls from Winchester are manufactured, serviced, and repaired with a level of precision and comprehensive quality control that you can count on.

Wire Rolls
At Winchester Precision Technologies, we have your wire rolls covered in every way possible. From engineering and design to service and maintenance, our technicians are here to keep your rolls running smoothly and efficiently.

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