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Premium Machined Shafts

Custom engineered machined shafts including boat propeller, marine shafts, large diameter shafts, generator shafts and military shafts.

Winchester Precision Technologies is uniquely qualified to meet your machined shaft fabrication needs, no matter how complex-quickly and accurately in accordance with your exact specifications. Our machined shafts are expertly designed and machined to carry loads and transmit power to exacting tolerances. The knowledgeable staff of engineers at Winchester Precision Technologies designs our premium custom machined shafts to resist degradation at high temperatures and speeds for machined shafts of superior performance, durability and use in a variety of demanding applications.

Quality Shaft Repair Services

boat propeller, steel shafts,diameter shaft, generator,industrial shaftsWinchester Precision Technologies combines and integrates our superior technical capabilities with rigorous quality control standards to manufacture high-performance precision machined shafts with complex radii and various tapers. Winchester Precision Technologies is well equipped to make a variety of machined shaft repairs including Metal Roll, Industrial Roller, Steel Rolls, Aluminum, Automatic, Barrel, Turning, Copper Rollsbearing sleeve replacement, seal packing sleeve replacement, shaft straightening, shaft inspection, shaft honing and anti-corrosion coatings.

Winchester Precision Technologies utilizes advanced technology, our extensive industry knowledge and dedication to customer service to provide our customers with products that meet your exact specifications at an exceptional value.

Our Machined Shaft Fabrication Services include:

  • Boat propeller shafts- certified custom manufacturer of axle and propeller shafts for ships and boats. We manufacturer shafts including pinion shafts, boat propeller, pump shafts and threaded shafts for pump and marine industries.
  • Marine shafts- fabrication, machining and repair services including marine shafting equipment. Applications include usage in marine, barge, and bridge applications including commercial ship.
  • Large diameter shafts- rotating or oscillating round for propeller shaft on a ship, or other machined shafts for large manufacturing machinery.
  • Generator shafts- our engineers use the most technologically advanced engineering tools to anticipate and analyze potential stresses to determine the load limits that the machined shaft can sustain and prolong the fatigue life of custom machined shaft.
  • Steel Shafts, Propeller, Diameter, Shafting,  Prop, Generator, Boat Shaft, marine shafts, generator shaftHydroelectric power shafts- alloy turbine and compressor components for gas, wind, steam and oil power generation.
  • Single Shell Steam Heated Rolls
Winchester Precision Technologies observes comprehensive total quality control standards that ensure our valued customers receive a machined shaft of un compromised quality and durability. All machined shafts are strictly inspected by the experts in our quality control division at several points of construction process. Our comprehensive range of inspections includes incoming, in-process and final inspection. Winchester Precision Technologies practices one hundred percent dimensional inspection and accepts nothing less than an accuracy rate of one hundred percent and pledge the value of every machined shaft. The accuracy of all final inspection equipment is documented and traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.

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