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Custom Metal Fabrication

Precision Metal Fabricating Expertise,
Fabricated Parts

Winchester Precision Technologies has a solid background and reputation in metal fabrication and can fabricate parts from all types of material including steel, stainless steel, and high-nickel alloys. We specialize in high-quality, large, complex machined fabrications with an emphasis on large turning/milling and fabrication. Due to our expertise and experience in machining finished components of all sizes and complexities we thoroughly understand what is required in a fabrication to allow it to meet the final design specifications. The ability to understand the requirements of both fabrication and machining is a lost art in manufacturing today.

The ability to supply fully machined precision metal fabrications has offered us the opportunity to provide a number of industries with high quality metal fabrications. Some of these industries include:

Chemical Process Equipment
Food Processing Equipment
Large Industrial Shafting
Plastic Film
Power Generation
Ship Shafting
Advanced Composites and more…

Large Machining Capabilities

With extensive large machining and custom manufacturing capabilities, Winchester Precision Tech is equipped to fulfill an extremely wide variety of fabricating needs. From custom prototypes and short runs to large fabrication runs, we can provide metal fabrications with higher quality and shorter lead times. Our fabricating capabilities include:

  • 1) Miller 350 Amp Maxstar Tig Welder with wire feed
  • Large Machining and Welding1) Miller 300 Amp Synchrowave Tig Welder
  • 3) Miller 250 Amp Arc Welder
  • 1) Miller Thunderbolt TIG Welder XL
  • 4) Miller 450 Amp Invision 456 Amp Mig Welders
  • 1) Thermo Dynamics Pak-75 Plasma-Arc Cutting Machine
  • 1) Aircrafter T-200 digital turn table
  • 1) Set Rotary Positioning Rolls: 44,000-lb. Capacity
  • 1) Set Rotary Positioning Rolls: 25,000-lb. Capacity
  • 3) Sets Rotary Positioning Rolls: 15,000-lb. Capacity
  • 1) Column and Boom Automatic Welding Manipulator 78" x 78"
  • 1) 72" Diameter Rotary Positioning Table: 22,000-lb. Capacity
  • 1) 72" Diameter Rotary Positioning Table: 15,000-lb. Capacity
  • 1) 30" Diameter Rotary Positioning Table: 3,000-lb. Capacity
  • 1) 45,000 lb. Vibratory Stress Relieving with Certified Printouts
  • 1) Hydmech S-20 Horizontal Band Saw
  • 1) Hydmech VW-18 Vertical Band Saw

For a full capabilities list, visit our large machining capabilities page.

After quoting a project and getting approval from the customer, we work with our full engineering and design service team on the fabrication and machining of their parts. In addition, we have certified welders on site who are trained in the process and utilize qualified weld procedures. Our welders are also certified through the American Society of Manufacturing Engineers according to section IX.

Metal Fabricating Services

Metal Fabrication ServicesAt Winchester Precision Technology, we employ the latest technology and machinery in our metal fabrication processes From the actual machining and fabrication of the part all the way through to the final quality control. For example, we use vibratory stress relief equipment to provide a better fabrication and reduce the stress on your part and our portable coordinate measuring machine for set ups, in process inspection and final inspection.

No matter what the job – regardless of complexity – our customers get concise reporting, job and quote management, process updates and stellar customer service throughout. You can be sure that when you choose Winchester Precision Technology, the custom fabricated parts you get are precisely what you need, with a level of quality that exceeds your expectations.

If you have any questions or would like more information on custom fabricating at Winchester Precision Technologies, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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