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Quality Machine Repairs and Other Services

Comprehensive range of repairs and services including complete disassembly, inspection and reverse engineered replacement components.

Winchester Precision Technologies is proud to offer our valued customers an expanded range of repair services including an extensive array of repairs and services for non-rolls. Our engineer and expert staff have hundreds of years experience designing and manufacturing industrial rolls of superior quality and durability for the plastic film and sheet, paper, textile and converting industries. Our commitment to total quality management and customer service excellence throughout the years has made this growth the logical next step in realizing our goal of providing our valued customers with a product range of uncompromised quality and durability. We value your business and meticulously inspect, document and deliver all our products to guarantee your satisfaction.

Winchester Precision Technologies range of machine repair services spans a broad range of industries and processes. Please review our comprehensive list of services offered below. If you have a specific need that is not listed, please contact us.

pump repairs, machine repairing, repairing machines, repairing pumpsWinchester Precision Technologies has one of the industries' finest and most technologically advanced fleet of machine tools available. Our computer numerically controlled machines and giant scale engine lathes, are all custom tooled for the production of rolls or your custom product requirements. As a compliment to our large diameter turning capabilities we possess the milling, drilling and special machinery instrumentation to perform any secondary operations in-house.

Comprehensive Repairing and Machining Services:

  • All types including fluid, vacuum and fan. machine repair, pump repair, vacuum pumps, industrial pump, industrial pumps
  • Complete disassembly and inspection service.
  • Bodies repaired by welding, custom epoxies and in house urethane.
  • Sleeves of all types custom built.
  • Custom pump bases and drive systems.
  • Large impeller (rotor) rebuilding and balancing.
  • Shafts repaired and new manufactured replacements. (Rotary weld build-up or thermal spray)
  • Custom fully machined replacement casings in cast iron alloys or bronze.
Speed Reducers ( any size and type)
  • Shafts repaired and new manufactured replacements
    (rotary weld build-up or thermal spray)
  • Custom gears of all types engineered and supplied.
  • Shafts repaired and new manufactured replacements impeller repair, pump repair service, fan repairs, machinery repairing, pump repair services, shaft repairs
    (rotary weld build-up or thermal spray)

Power Plant Equipment
  • Shaft repairs of all types or new shafts of any type and size.
  • Wheel repairs including bucket build-up, sleeving, reboring and balancing.
  • Threaded valve and gate stems repaired or manufactured new.
  • All components and accessories of many types.
  • Wicket gate repairs including sleeving or build-up of shafts, cladding or build-up of seal faces and remachining.
General Services For All Industries
  • Machining on a large scale. non roll repair services
  • Crane lifting capacity of 50,000 lbs.
  • In-house polyurethane, epoxy and metal thermal sprayed coatings.
  • ASME code weld pressure vessels.
  • Engineering services for all types of mechanical components.
  • Disassemble, inspection and repair or rebuilding of all types of mechanical components.
  • Welding fabrications of many types on nearly all metals.
  • Company owned trucks to provide safe dedicated transportation.
  • In-house nondestructible testing.
  • Dynamic balancing.
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