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Advanced Roll Covers

Select from an extensive range of specially formulated premium coatings to seamlessly compliment and enhance your most exacting performance requirements.

The skilled engineers at Winchester Precision Technologies have leveraged our extensive industry experience in selecting a range of specially formulated coatings to seamlessly match and enhance the performance of your roll products. Our premier range of roll coatings includes: chrome, rubber, polyurethanes, thermo sprays and composite epoxy. Winchester Precision Technologies utilizes advanced technology and engineering expertise to provide our customers with products that meet your exact specifications at an exceptional value. Winchester offers a series of polyurethane coatings uniquely designed to supplant traditional rubber covers in your paper machine as well as many other industrial applications.

The True Strength of Winchester's Roll Coatings

  • Hydrophobicity - Our polyurethane roll covers do not allow water to permeate the roll cover; they are hydrophobic. In the past, traditional polyurethanes have had to be dried out due to their hydrophilic nature. The innate hydrophobicity of our polyurethanes renders them the superior choice for the wet end of paper machine applications.

  • dryer felt roll cover, reel spooks, reel drums, advanced reel spool cover, dryer felt rolls, breast rolls, wire rolls, felt rolls, guide rolls, chemi-washer rolls, paper rolls, forming rolls, lead in/lead out rolls and other non-nipped rollsWear Resistance - Our uniquely formulated polyurethanes permit to ten times the wear resistance of rubber roll covers of comparable hardness.

  • Reduced Slippage - Reduced slippage between your fabric and a roll in a paper machine saves you money. With reduced slippage your fabrics will have an extended life, your roll covers will last longer and a reduced amount of energy will be required to drive your machine.
Select from a range of our own in-house processes or coatings from our highly qualified vendors. Whatever your roll cover needs, rely on Winchester Precision Technologies to offer unparalleled industrial roll coating technology for optimal performance. Winchester Precision Technologies now offers a whole new line of roll covers. Click on the links on the right for more information:

Our Family of DuraTrax™ roll covers include:

FeltTrax™roll covers, industrial coating, metal coating, fiberglass epoxy - a dryer felt roll cover is designed for extreme
conditions. FeltTrax™ is a roll cover designed for higher temperatures than WireTrax so it can be used in areas where the constant operating temperature is 300 degrees Fahrenheit. FeltTrax™ provides exceptional performance for the higher temperatures found around the size press and inside the dryer hood. This roll cover is designed for the traction you require and offers the operator unsurpassed abrasion, hydrophobicity thermal stability and doctorability. Applications include dryer felt rolls, breast rolls, wire rolls, felt rolls,guide rolls, chemi-washer rolls, paper rolls, forming rolls,lead in/lead out rolls and other non-nipped rolls.

Polyslick - a high temperature release roll cover custom engineered to perform where "stickies" traditionally build up on a roll cover and pick the sheet. SlickTrax™ is similar in design to FeltTrax with the addition of Teflon® flour which provides the roll cover with release properties as well as the ability to be doctored Uniform Teflon® content throughout the roll cover allows the operator to regrind the cover when necessary to achieve a specific surface finish. Applications include dryer felt rolls, breast rolls, wire rolls, felt rolls, guide rolls, chemi-washer rolls, paper rolls, forming rolls, lead in/lead out rolls and other non-nipped rolls.

Metal Roll, Industrial Roller, Steel Rolls, Aluminum, Automatic, Barrel, Turning, Copper RollsWireTrax™- a harder and more thermally stable wire and felt roll cover used in all traditional wire roll and press/wet felt roll applications. Custom engineered for the wet end of a paper machine, WireTrax™ roll covers provide optimal traction, durability, doctorability and hydrophobicity. The use of polyurethane roll covers is rapidly overtaking the use of rubber roll covers in the press section of a paper machine. Polyurethane polymers last longer and perform better, increase your coefficient of friction, reduce slippage and prevent premature fabric wear. More traction means less horsepower needed to drive your wires and felts. Application include: Breast rolls, wire rolls, felt rolls, guide rolls, wire return rolls and other non-nipped rolls.

WebMax™ - a more refined version of WireTrax that will double the wear resistance of WireTrax™.

epoxy coating, metal coatings, polyurethane coatings, composite epoxy, roller coatingsReelTrax™ - a more advanced reel spool cover. ReelTrax™ is designed for cut and abrasion resistance as well as traction to provide tighter turn ups and reduced reel drum damage. ReelTrax™ roll covers are custom engineered for reel spools utilized in the paper machine. ReelTrax™ roll covers provide superior cut resistance, optimum traction for turn-ups, durability, protection for reel drums and noise vibration dampening. Applications: Reel spools, reel drums.

Winchester Precision Technologies also offers high build polyurethane coatings to protect your valuable equipment from corrosion. The coating is excellent for protecting bearing housings, exposed steel surfaces, suction boxes and frame work. Our polyurethane machine coating is far more durable than paint and can be field repaired. All our polyurethane coatings can be doctored with composite, steel or UHMW doctor blades.

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