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Quality Assurance

At the core of everything we do at Winchester Precision Technologies is a commitment to quality that extends beyond any formal quality standard. As a general rule, we work to surpass industry standards and provide our customers with a level of quality that exceeds expectations.

However, with that in mind we do undergo every project with specific quality programs in mind, including standards for the American Society of Manufacturing Engineers (ASME) and our own internal ISO-compliant quality assurance program. We have these plans in place to ensure customers that they are getting the highest-quality parts available.

The ASME Quality Assurance Program

The ASME quality standards comprise a set of technical definitions and guidelines to promote safety, reliability, productivity, and efficiency in industries that rely on engineering components or equipment – such as the pressure vessels that Winchester Precision Technologies specializes in. Our quality program is a ASME Section VIII Division 1 program for unfired pressure vessels and vessel parts.

In addition, Winchester Precision Technologies’ quality manual is audited and approved by the ASME and reviewed every three years. Throughout our machining and fabrication process for large and custom products, ASME inspectors examine the design and procedure for each finished part to make sure it meets their rigorous guidelines. In addition, ASME compliancy checks ensure that pressure vessels are designed and welded to hold pressure without failing.

ISO-Compliant Quality Assurance Program

Winchester’s other in-house quality assurance program is focused on strict ISO-compliancy and has been in place since our inception in 1984. We continue to use this additional quality assurance program to ensure that every part that leaves our facility can be depended on without question by our customers. We verify at every step, from project start to finished part so that we can continue to promise an industry leading level of quality.

Quality Control Throughout the Entire Process

At Winchester Precision Technologies, we're constantly focused on the quality of your fabrications and machined components. With that in mind, each job has a unique tracking number integrated into every aspect of the job: from drawings to purchase orders to inspection documentation and beyond. This allows us to control and to track the job at every stage and know, at a glance, where we are in the process. It gives us an accurate picture of a specific job and the ability to easily communicate key process details to our customers.

All final measuring equipment, including our 12’ FaroArm portable coordinate measuring machine, are calibrated to national standards. We can also supply NonDestructive Examination (NDE) at our facility including Magnetic particle, Liquid Penetrant, Ultrasonic, and Radiographic inspection. In addition to inspection of the components that we manufacture. We also perform inspection services and reverse engineering, including certified reports, cad drawings, and solid models.

Our internal quality program routinely undergoes audits from customers from industries with critical applications such as the defense and power generation industries. With that in mind, customers from industries demanding rigorous quality requirements can depend on Winchester to deliver the levels of quality needed – and Winchester Precision Technologies has never been turned down for a job because of lack of quality.

For more information about our quality assurance programs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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