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Vacuum Rolls and Suction Rolls

Superior Suction and Vacuum Rolls at the Competitive Prices You Need

When it comes to the paper and plastic industries, we understand that you require performance and reliability that you never have to second-guess. With that fact in mind, suction and vacuum rolls from Winchester are manufactured, serviced, and repaired with a level of precision and comprehensive quality control that you can count on. Combine that with our ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and you get high quality suction rolls, vacuum rolls, and service for suction and vacuum rolls at a very competitive price.

Suction and Vacuum Rolls From Winchester Precision Technology Often Include:

  • Suction breast rolls: used to form the sheet on lightweight paper
  • Suction couch rolls: used to remove the water from the sheet. This suction roll is also sometimes used to join multiple ply sheets.
  • Suction pickup or vacuum rolls: used to transfer the sheet from surface to surface, usually from the forming fabric to the felt.
  • Suction press rolls: most often used to extract water away from the nip and towards the felt
  • Suction transfer rolls: used to vacuum a sheet from felt to felt without using an open draw.
  • Vacuum rolls: similar to a suction roll, but more frequently used with plastic webs to apply coating to a surface.
  • Vacuum chill rolls: a variation of the standard vacuum roll, but with the added ability to transfer heat between the roll and the web
  • And more...
Whether you need suction rolls for use in the paper industry or vacuum rolls for the plastic industry, we can help. Typically, suction rolls are used in the paper making process to draw water out of the sheet and the felt. In the same way, vacuum rolls often serve the same function, sometimes taking water out of the sheet but more frequently using their vacuum to grasp a material for transfer to another surface.

Your One Stop Solution for Suction Rolls, Vacuum Rolls, and the Service To Keep Them at Their Best

  • Comprehensive service that can handle even the largest rolls: capacities up to 50 thousand pounds
  • Manufacturing for suction and vacuum rolls in a number of materials: with stainless or bronze shells, iron or stainless housings, and an extremely wide variety of coverings.
  • All the services needed to keep your vacuum rolls and suction rolls operating as they should: full disassembly, reassembly, inspection, reporting, and more.
  • Service contracts for vacuum and suction rolls: interested in increasing the lifespan of your vacuum and suction rolls? A service contract with Winchester ensures you’re always running at 100%
  • And more...
For more information on vacuum rolls and suction rolls as well as roll services, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call 603.239.6326 today.

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